A quality education prepares us for life. It gives us the tools we need to prosper as individuals, to contribute to our community, to be productive citizens and to remain competitive as a nation. Yet many children leave school unprepared for college or career, often performing at proficiency levels well below minimum standards. School systems developed in an earlier era have been slow to adapt to opportunities available today. Parents, particularly in impoverished neighborhoods, face limited choices for their children’s education. And while many talented individuals become teachers every year, countless others are discouraged by a system that provides too many obstacles to excellence.

In recent years however, new organizations and  innovations have emerged which give children the opportunity they deserve - to learn and to thrive. These breakthroughs and the organizations leading them have altered the perception of what is possible for all children and their successes are driving broader, wholesale change.

The Foundation seeks out and invests in these opportunities.  We support local organizations and those outside our immediate community whose work will transform the lives of children in California. Examples include quality public charter schools and programs to ensure that every child has access to an effective teacher and a robust learning environment.

The Foundation’s investment in education is based upon the following five principles:

  • Autonomy and accountability – Schools must have the autonomy to do what is best for their students in exchange for rigorous accountability.
  • Choice – A meaningful array of quality alternatives is necessary to ensure that families can choose the education best suited for their child.
  • Talent – Effective teachers are the most critical factor in a child’s education.
  • Technology – Wisely deployed, technology has the potential to transform the quality and the menu of learning options available to each child.
  • Ideas Matter - Change requires an abundance of practical ideas, proof points and advocacy for conditions that support innovation and foster excellence.

To learn more, see Guidelines. The Foundation does not accept unsolicited grant applications, grant proposals or letters of inquiry