Schwab Learning History

From 1987–2007, the Foundation operated Schwab Learning, a direct service program whose goal was to help kids with learning and attention difficulties lead satisfying and productive lives in an environment that recognizes, values and supports the unique attributes of every child. During that time, the Foundation invested more than $90 million in resources to serve this community, beginning with the original Parent’s Education Resource Center through the creation and management its two award-winning Web sites, and™ . These programs provided free information, resources, publications and support to millions of parents and children. In January of 2008, the Foundation transitioned these programs to organizations which share its commitment to providing the best possible information and resources to the millions of families impacted by learning difficulties. For more information on this transition, go to Past Press-Releases.

The Charles and Helen Schwab Foundation was established by Charles and Helen Schwab in 1987. It is a private foundation and is separate from The Charles Schwab Corporation and from the Charles Schwab Corporate Foundation.

The Foundation does not accept unsolicited grant applications, grant proposals or letters of inquiry.