Alameda County Foster Youth Alliance (Alameda County)

To support the organization's leadership in promoting a seamless system of care for foster youth and emancipating youth in Alameda County through maximum coordination, strong advocacy and strategic resource development.

Bay Area Partnership (San Francisco Bay Area)

To expand access to quality after-school programs to children in low-income communities by educating policy makers about the challenges such programs face and training providers to gain the skills and confidence to participate in advocacy.

California Youth Connection (California)

To build internal capacity in fundraising in order to make the organization more self-sufficient and less dependent on foundation funding, and to strengthen the long-term stability of the organization.

Edgewood Center for Children and Families (San Mateo County)

To provide core operating support to maintain the San Mateo Kinship Support Network, which provides supportive services for children who are being raised by a grandparent or another relative as an alternative to foster care.

Friends of the Children (National)

To support planning and design of program modules in community service, adolescent activities and wrap-around services to augment the core program of one-on-one mentoring for high-risk, low-income children .

Friends of the Children (San Francisco Bay Area)

To provide core operating support for the regional chapter of a national early intervention program that provides carefully screened, full-time, professional mentors to high-risk, low-income youth for 12 years starting in first grade.

San Mateo Youth Foundation (San Mateo County)

To continue and expand operation of the Peer-Tutor program which helps low-income, high achieving high school students work their way toward college by providing them with meaningful work as tutors for struggling middle school students.

Foundation Consortium for California's Children and Youth (California)

To improve the quality of after-school programs, strengthen the policy voice of providers and lay the groundwork for the implementation of Proposition 49, which authorizes universal after-school programs for children and youth.

Silicon Valley Children's Fund (Santa Clara County)

To support the Youth Education Scholarship project which provides resources, outreach services and a network of support to help foster youth receive a college education or vocational training that will improve their chances of success.