Bay Area Partnership
To expand the scope of opportunities for youth by educating state policy makers about the most effective strategies for promoting youth development in low-income communities.

Boys and Girls Club of San Francisco
To provide high-risk youth ages 14 to 22 with career development opportunities that will prepare them for successful transition to adulthood.

California AfterSchool Partnership
To support quality after-school opportunities for low-income students that focus on a whole child approach by offering both health training and academic support.

California Youth Connection
To strengthen the voices of youth directly impacted by the foster care system in policy and service delivery discussions by providing members with training in leadership, fundraising and governance.

Children Now
To influence state policy toward expansion of quality after-school programs by supporting policy research in the areas of equitable access to after-school programs and workforce recruitment.

Coalition of Community Foundations for Youth
To improve the likelihood that young people in transition between the ages of 14 to 24 become connected to their communities through opportunities of employment, positive support systems and civic engagement.

Community Network for Youth Development
To promote the positive development of youth by engaging in capacity-building initiatives for youth development programs and educating legislators about policies to support quality after-school programs.

First Place Fund for Youth
To empower foster youth of Alameda County as they transition to adulthood through a variety of resources provided by a coordinated alliance of service providers and community organizations.

Girls Club of the Mid-Peninsula
$100,000 (multiyear grant)
To increase the self-confidence of girls from low-income families in the Peninsula and encourage intellectual exploration through the implementation of a variety of after-school programs such as art enrichment activities and discussions around adolescent issues.

Silicon Valley Children's Fund
To expand educational opportunities for emancipated foster youth by equipping them with the tools and support crucial to their success in school.

Sunny Hills Children's Garden
$50,000 (multiyear grant)
To increase the likelihood for success for youth aging out of the foster care system in the Bay Area by providing integrated services including job training, aftercare programs and transitional housing.

Vestia, Inc.
To improve the academic standing and overall self-esteem of foster youth at risk of not completing high school through adult volunteers who provide ongoing support and academic assistance.