Asset Development

Asian Neighborhood Design

To fund a new project designed to teach young adults financial responsibility. The one-year, hands-on financial education and life skills program will target young adults, ages 13-24. There will be four 12-week cycles to include over 100 participants over the year. The program will introduce participants to basic financial planning concepts such as goal setting, making a spending plan, building an emergency plan, and the wise use of credit. Youth entrepreneurship education will also be included in the program.

Lenders for Community Development

To support 37 new clients during the first full year of Stage II of the Assets for All Alliance. The support will cover recruitment, financial literacy education, case management, and the 2:1 "match money" that the clients will earn over the four years of their enrollment.

National Economic Development & Law Center

To support the efforts to redefine the poverty standard, thereby helping redefine the perception of poverty with a goal of increasing the availability of public support and assistance.

Employment Support

Springboard Forward

To support Springboard Forward's capacity building efforts and aid the organization in reaching the next level. This grant provides SBF the opportunity to enhance the marketability and effectiveness of its programs.