Asian Neighborhood Design (San Francisco)

To support capacity building focused on diversifying funding streams while raising more general support dollars in order to enhance the ability of the agency to carry out its mission and minimize the effects of future economic downturns.

Bay Area Blacks in Philanthropy (San Francisco Bay Area)

To strengthen BABIP's infrastructure and implement a program that enhances the philanthropic community's understanding of the impact of recent social, political and economic shifts on the region's African American community.

Bill Wilson Center (San Jose)

To support reconstruction and facilitate repairs for a drop-in center for homeless, runaway and foster youth as well as staff offices and counseling rooms that were damaged and destroyed by fire.

Grantmakers for Effective Organizations (National)

To provide operating support for a leading forum for knowledge sharing and practice development to maximize philanthropy's impact by advancing the effectiveness of grantmakers and their grantees.

Grantmakers in Health (National)

To raise awareness of substance abuse as a critical public health issue that is too often neglected by foundations by providing information on the work of their peers, especially program models and lessons learned from funded projects.

Northern California Grantmakers - Public Policy Committee (California)

To produce publications and host educational activities that facilitate foundation and nonprofit participation in the public debate on ballot initiatives by clarifying the roles foundations can play in impacting public policy.

OMG Center for Collaborative Learning: Evaluation Roundtable (National)

To support the convening of and case study development for the Evaluation Roundtable, a community of practice that offers technical assistance and support on issues surrounding building, assessing and sustaining foundation effectiveness.

Silicon Valley Council of Nonprofits (San Francisco Bay Area)

To convene nonprofit health and human service advocacy groups to share information and best practices in order to maximize local coordination and increase the effectiveness of the nonprofit voice, focusing on government contracting issues.

Silicon Valley Council of Nonprofits (Santa Clara County)

To provide general operating support for advocacy to strengthen nonprofits and educate policy makers on the importance of the nonprofit sector and the impact of budget reductions to client care.

United Way Silicon Valley(Santa Clara County)

To assist the United Way and other funding partners in their effort to maintain critical services in the community by educating and supporting nonprofits in mergers and strategic alliances as viable organizational strategies.

Law Foundation of Silicon Valley $80,000

The Law Foundation is a leader in providing legal services to low income residents of the Silicon Valley. This grant provides $40,000 per year for two years to improve their ability to reach individual donors which will enhance their marketing capacity and diversify their funding and fund raising capabilities.

San Francisco Bar Association $80,000

The Volunteer Legal Services Program of the San Francisco Bar Association provides free legal services to thousands of homeless and low-income households each year. This capacity building grant provides $40,000 per year for two years to help them to increase their individual donor and law firm revenue while seeking new sources of grant support.

Taproot Foundation $35,000

This grant will sponsor nine Taproot Foundation Service Grants, to be awarded to current Charles and Helen Schwab Foundation grantees. Funding will provide additional capacity building services to these nonprofit service organizations, assisting them with communications, fund development, and/or human resource projects.

Women's Initiative for Self-Employment $100,000

Women's Initiative is at the forefront of micro-enterprise programming for low-income clients. This grant enables them to strengthen their organization through building their marketing capacity which will support their ability to diversify their funding and fund raising capabilities.