Homelessness: Findings and Strategies

A report on philanthropic strategies for preventing and ending homelessness, which summarizes more than 70 interviews and current research in the field, is available free from the Charles and Helen Schwab Foundation.

"Homelessness: Findings and Strategies," prepared for the foundation's recently announced Homelessness initiatives, captures interviews with key homeless service providers, advocates, philanthropic organizations, government agencies, policy makers and researchers. It also reflects an in-depth survey of current literature and research on homelessness.

The report's findings support the approaches advanced by the National Alliance to End Homelessness in its "10-Year Plan to End Homelessness" and state the case for focusing resources in strategies to prevent and end homelessness, rather than simply funding emergency shelters and other attempts to ameliorate homelessness.

Source: Charles and Helen Schwab Foundation

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