Katie Schwab Paige, Director

Katie Schwab Paige serves on the Board of Directors of the Charles and Helen Schwab Foundation and is its Grants Chair. The Foundation makes grants to nonprofit organizations identified and selected by the foundation's board and executive staff based on years of partnership with providers who bring a deep knowledge of their community and a strong commitment to improving lives.

Ms. Paige, the daughter of Charles and Helen Schwab, grew up in the Bay Area. Prior to joining the Board in 2006, Ms. Paige worked at the Robin Hood Foundation in New York City, the Columbia Park Boys and Girls Club in San Francisco and other local nonprofits. From 1999-2001, she participated in the development of the Foundation’s then human services initiatives and its direct programs for children with learning difficulties. She is a founding board member of Tipping Point Community, a Bay Area nonprofit dedicated to ending the cycle of poverty.

Ms. Paige holds a B.A from Vanderbilt University in Human and Organizational Development

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