Erin Gilbert, Program Officer

Erin Gilbert is Program Officer for the Human Services portfolio at the Charles and Helen Schwab Foundation.  These grants support direct service organizations throughout the Bay Area that help pull people out of poverty and alleviate suffering.  The grantee organizations are working on issues such as: employment, housing, basic needs and emergency services, and wellness.  In 2016, Erin helped the Foundation identify and begin funding organizations and researchers working to find a treatment or cure for Alzheimer’s disease.  She is also involved with the Foundation’s education grants, which focus on improving the quality of K-12 education in California and nationwide.

Erin began her career at the ALS Center in the Department of Neurology at Columbia University where she coordinated a multisite longitudinal study of ALS patients.  Later she worked in the Department of Epidemiology studying the social determinants of health such as the effects of urban environments and stress on health.  Erin earned a BA in Economics from Boston University and a MPH in Epidemiology from Columbia University. 

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